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How long does an implementation take?
An implementation can take 60-90 days based on your ability to provide resources and data needed.

What resources are needed?
On average, we expect to have IT provide about 40 hours of time throughout the implementation. For your clinical staff, we expect about 25 hours of time.

What data is needed?
ILÚM will incorporate data from Pharmacy Orders, Laboratory Results and your ADT (Admission Discharge Transfers) systems. We can receive your data through HL-7 or FHIR interfaces.

HIPAA Compliance

Is ILÚM Insight® HIPAA compliant?
ILÚM has a complete HIPAA compliance program. All customer data is stored in a HITRUST certified Cloud environment.


Is your Insight® Solution provided as Software-as-a-Service?
Yes. You only need access to the internet. All enhancements to the software are made by ILÚM, and are transparent and non-disruptive. There are no patches or updates for you to apply

Do you implement your software onsite or in the cloud?
Almost all of ILÚM’s customers have chosen to use the ILÚM cloud hosted solution, as it provides economies of scale, while still ensuring that each customers data is segregated. If you would prefer and onsite installation, this can be done, but it adds complexity and cost.

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Clinical Workflow Optimization

How do therapy notifications work?
ILÚM’s Infectious Disease experts have developed a comprehensive set of therapy intervention rules. These rules are configured to apply your rules, guidelines and desired measures.

Can we add new rules?
Yes. ILÚM can add rules to meet additional needs, tests and timelines. But so can you. ILÚM will teach you how to make and apply your own rules to reduce your dependency on us.

Our physicians are inundated with technology. How do you help mitigate alert fatigue?
We respect the time of your most valuable resource. All rules are ‘opt-in’ so a physician is only notified for something they choose as important to them.

Can you run notifications that are not sent directly to physicians?
Absolutely and this is an important differentiator. We will collaborate with you to discuss a phased approach in pushing out notifications. The first goal is to learn where there may be opportunity without disrupting your workflow.

What would happen next?
You might begin by opting to have pharmacy receive a subset of notifications. At this point they can use our built-in clinical collaboration that allows them to forward important content to the doc as appropriate, which could be at the bedside. We strive to respect your workflow and time.

Is ILÚM Insight® available on a laptop, desktop, tablet or phone?
Yes. All of the above. Insight® is a responsive solution that is compatible with these modalities and all modern browsers, including ios and Android.

Can we have access to multiple test results?
ILÚM is agnostic to the diagnostic tests you choose to use. What is important is that ILÚM receives the discrete micro results to be able to process these results with all other information.

NHSN Reporting
Do you provide NHSN Reporting?
Yes. ILÚM Insight can provide NHSN AUR reporting. We will require access to your Pharmacy Administration data.
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