Hospital leaders need the ability to track program performance

ILÚM helps improve the impact of quality programs through advanced reporting

Automated program performance reports on key measures from cases to cohorts:

  • Patient outcomes and metrics of interest to identify quality goals for prioritization
  • Clinical outcomes, prescriber-level resource utilization, adherence rates to institution-specific clinical pathways, program-level recommendations
  • Underlying drivers of clinical and economic outcomes associated with ID and stewardship programs, including length of stay, readmissions, cost, mortality, and resource utilization
  • Rates of disease for conditions like C. difficile, sepsis, pneumonia, and UTI, including program adherence and performance for each
  • Antimicrobial use trends, focused on overall administration, targeted drugs, and execution rates against program priorities, such as de-escalation, IV-PO conversion, and care plan goals
  • Automated reporting of antimicrobial use and resistance (AUR) data to the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN)

The intuitive interface and data accessibility provided by ILÚM shifts the focus from report creation to report impact

  • Visually impactful data with flexible parameters (location, disease state, program priority) that are customizable to users' needs

ILÚM: Evidence-based outcomes

ILÚM is committed to demonstrating value through real clinical data.

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