Point-of-Care Clinical Decision Support, Delivered through medCPU Advisor Technology

ILÚM Insight–ID provides point-of-care assistance to clinical staff in the identification and management of patients with or at-risk for diseases, including infectious diseases and sepsis, in accordance with institution-specific best-practice guidelines, clinical pathways, and formularies. The system works by capturing all relevant patient data and delivering notifications via a software button overlay on the hospital’s electronic health record (EHR). The ILÚM Insight software supports licensed healthcare practitioners for the purpose of encouraging adherence to institution-specific clinical pathways and improved patient outcomes.

The application continuously analyzes all information that exists within your EHR and ancillary systems (incl. lab, radiology, pharmacy, clinical dictations, discharge summaries), and considers the complete clinical picture through capturing and contextualizing free text notes and dictations, in addition to structured-field entries. The product continuously analyzes the patient’s clinical status and medical interventions initiated against a coded set of your hospital’s clinical pathways, and generates a prompt at the point-of-care only if a deviation from established pathways is identified.

How to use:

1. If a deviation from your institution’s clinical pathways is identified, a prompt, similar to the one above will appear on the screen of your EMR. The prompt does not lock up your screen or prevent you from proceeding within the EMR.

2. By clicking on the blinking button it will expand, displaying a high-level explanation for the prompt.

3. By clicking on the prompt a second time the user will see more detail, including rationale for the prompt and three buttons, which you can choose to click:

  1. Remind Later–closes the explanation and temporarily suppresses the prompt from view. The prompt will return if the deviation is not addressed within a set period of time
  2. Discard–turns off the prompt for that specific clinical situation
  3. Close–closes the explanation and the prompt is reduced to its original size

4. Once the clinician is aware of the prompt, they can click one of the buttons or choose to proceed without engaging any of the buttons. Either way, ILÚM will continue to track information entered into the patient’s record. If the button is still visible and the deviation in care is addressed the button will highlight GREEN and disappear.

If a prompt is temporarily suppressed or not responded to at all by the user, it will re-prompt based on escalation rules that have been configured based on your institution’s preferences.

CAUTION: Discard should only be used if the prompt is factually incorrect or irrelevant. If the user would like to acknowledge a correct prompt, the appropriate workflow is not to click “Discard”, but rather to follow-up and document in an appropriate manner based on your clinical and hospital practices.

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