What is ILÚM?

ILÚM is an enterprise-wide disease management solution that enables improved outcomes for patients with infectious diseases, such as sepsis and pneumonia, while enabling antimicrobial stewardship.1

ILÚM helps clinicians stay connected to the latest patient data from across the health system, at both the case and cohort levels, and provides hospital leaders the ability to analyze and maximize the impact of quality programs.

Why ID and sepsis?

Enterprise-wide data capture

ILÚM captures and integrates a comprehensive set of real-time data from across your healthcare system (EHR, pharmacy, labs, orders, administration, ADT, billing).

Supporting daily patient management with clinical decision support and patient case prioritization

  • Clinical decision support (CDS) that helps to maintain treatment pathway adherence
  • Patient case browsing and prioritization through the Command Center Dashboard
  • Automated and interactive antibiograms in accordance with CLSI standards

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Improving the impact of quality programs through advanced reporting

ILÚM helps to provide deep insights from the data across your institution.

  • Automated program performance reports on key measures from cases to cohorts
  • Intuitive interface and data accessibility shifts focus from report creation to report impact
  • Automated antimicrobial use and resistance (AUR) reporting to NHSN

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Explore the evidence

ILÚM is partnering with hospitals across the nation. Learn more about the impact our solution is having on clinical outcomes and hospital performance.

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Reference: 1. DePaula J, Merwin C, DeCorte R, et al. Sepsis care improvement through an automated clinical decision support solution at East Jefferson General Hospital. Poster presented at: 28th Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care; December 4-7, 2016; Orlando, Florida.