What is ILÚM?

A wholly owned subsidiary of Merck Healthcare Services & Solutions

A 21st-century technology solution to support management of infectious diseases

A committed partner for improving outcomes through the use of clinical decision support services

A support system for sepsis management and antimicrobial stewardship practices

ILÚM is the evolution of active patient management, reporting and analytics, and clinical collaboration

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ILÚM addresses the infectious disease management challenges faced by your institution
ID Management Challenges
ILÚM Capability

Difficulty prioritizing ID programs due to high patient volume

Delivers actionable alerts specific to your institution's quality and safety goals

Patients' infectious disease histories are often overlooked

Analyzes longitudinal patient records to allow for more informed notifications

Delayed time to administration of appropriate antibiotics

PAT integrates patient-specific risk factors to offer timely insights

Inefficient data management tools for tracking and reporting outcomes

Automates for quality goals, including NHSN reporting and CMS metrics

Inconsistent team communication, including rapid diagnostic test results

Allows for mobile connectivity as a provider-level extension of Command Center

ILÚM―The value of collaboration

Greater insights support effective intervention

Efficiently target patients and accelerate time to interventions to make improved empiric treatment decisions

Efficiently and consistently track performance, prescribing, and patient outcomes

Enhance timely communication and clinical collaboration within workflow

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Reference: 1. DePaula J, Merwin C, DeCorte R, et al. Sepsis care improvement through an automated clinical decision support solution at East Jefferson General Hospital. Poster presented at: 28th Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care; December 4-7, 2016; Orlando, Florida.