Learn more about us and how we aim to transform patient care

ILÚM Health Solutions was created by Merck HSS and shares the vision to improve health and well-being. ILÚM is a specialized service focused on the unique challenges of infectious diseases with the goal of supporting improved patient and hospital outcomes. Our technology-enabled solution helps leverage HIT assets to maximize the impact of quality programs.

ILÚM Health Solutions aims to help hospitals:

  • Improve outcomes in infectious diseases through prospective patient and program monitoring
  • Enable comprehensive data-driven antimicrobial stewardship through antibiotic usage analytics and pathway adherence
  • Transform data into actionable visual markers that support patient care and program performance

ILÚM has partnered with TEQQA to further drive patient outcomes. We are continuously developing our capabilities in key therapeutic areas through new partnerships with hospitals to enhance patient care and optimize program performance. By applying our innovative approach to clinical decision support, we hope to make even more of an impact on the quality of patient care. Is a partnership right for your institution?

ILÚM Health Solutions is a subsidiary of Merck Healthcare Services and Solutions.

The ILÚM leadership team

Paul Edwards

Managing Director

Paul's core strategic vision drives the success of ILÚM. He is committed to forging partnerships with companies that align with ILÚM's outcomes-based metrics.

Brandon Palermo

Chief Medical Officer

Brandon leads the team in defining and executing medical strategy, product development, and building relationships with hospital partners.

Fred Taute

Chief Medical Information Officer

Fred bridges the divide between the clinical and IT worlds by working with clients, ILÚM’s partners, and our IT group to help achieve our shared vision of improving outcomes through smarter care delivery.

Ralph Arcaro

Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, Ralph is responsible for technical infrastructure of ILÚM and the smooth deployment and implementation of its products.

Riaan Erwee

Chief Operating Officer

Riaan manages the overall operations and finances of the company, as well as business development activities.

Glenn Borgmann

Chief Commercial Officer

Glenn brings to life the marketing and customer engagement initiatives for ILÚM, while collaborating with experts and scientific partners.

Ya-Ting Chen

Head, Evidence and Value

Ya-Ting leads the team in defining value and evidence strategy, conducting real world research, and partnering with hospitals and health systems to demonstrate the impact of ILÚM offerings.